What Not To Eat For Your Heart

  1. Trans-fats. Found in most margarines, snack foods, processed foods and some cooking oils, these fats (often listed on food labels as “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” oil) can reduce the protective HDL (“good”) cholesterol levels and raise LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. Also, avoid heated polyunsaturated fats, such as soybean oil used for deep-frying. These fats are oxidized or damaged; regular consumption may have a variety of negative health effects.
  2. Animal protein. Excessive animal protein has been shown to raise levels of homocysteine, an amino acid that in high concentrations may contribute to heart disease. Instead of animal protein, try whole soy protein – aim for two servings of whole organic soy, such as tofu or edamame, per day.
  3. Refined carbohydrates. Cookies, cakes, crackers, soft breads, chips and sodas can increase triglyceride levels and lower HDL. These foods in the diet also drive up the inflammatory hormone insulin, which in excess contributes to heart disease beyond your cholesterol levels.
  4. Sodium. Excessive sodium has been linked to high blood pressure and heart disease. The main sources of sodium intake are breads, processed and canned foods, along with restaurant fare. Adding a dash of salt to your homemade meals is negligible in comparison and may help provide enhanced flavor to keep you eating more at home.

B2 Vitamin. Are You Getting Enough?

Massage Can Be The Way To Go For Stress!!

Many types of massages are available at a wide range of prices. Check your local health food store for short-duration neck and shoulder massages (perfect on your lunch break), try out student massages at local massage schools, or book packages of massages to save money.

Massage is a touch therapy that I highly recommend. It can be relaxing and therapeutic for many health conditions including back issues, muscle strains or osteoarthritis. The healing touch of massage can also boost levels of endorphins and serotonin – the body’s natural painkillers and mood regulators – and increase blood circulation.

Those with anxiety, depression or eating disorders can take advantage of the effects massage has on the mind – massage has proven effective for reducing pain, anxiety, stress, and depression in patients with a wide range of medical problems.

Many forms of massage therapy are available, and it always pays to ask a massage therapist what types of therapy he or she has studied. One that I like is trigger-point therapy (also known as neuromuscular therapy). This technique applies concentrated pressure to so-called trigger points, which are areas of chronic contraction in the muscle that may feel like lumps or knots. They are often painful and can sometimes lead to pain in other parts of the body. Trigger-point therapy applies sufficient pressure to these areas to relax the muscles, and it stretches the surrounding tissue – known as fascia – to help prevent recurrence.

Today’s Health Topics

Brain Enhancers!

  • Avoid Brain-Inflamers. Saturated and trans fats, added sugars and syrups, and any grain that isn’t 100 percent whole cause brain inflammation. Give your brain the fuel it needs to think clearly.
  • Enjoy berry goodness. Elderberries, blueberries, and strawberries are packed with the powerful flavonoid quercetin, which reduces inflammation that’s associated with dementia.
  • Go nuts. Walnuts are rich in omega-3s, but all nuts seem to protect the brain’s vascular system.
  • Feel the beet. Their natural nitrates increase blood flow to the brain

Fitness Tip!Lose Weight? Eat Almonds

– nuts are good for you, but don’t eat too many because they are full of fat and calories. However, research indicates that the reality is somewhat more complex – and that’s good news for nut-lovers who are watching their weight. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition revealed that while a handful (about 22 kernels) of almonds contains 170 calories, only 129 calories are actually absorbed by the body. The rest are passed, because the protein and fat in them are relatively hard to digest. Even better news – after one daily handful of almonds, three percent of the calories you consume for the next 24 hours are rendered indigestible. That means if you eat 2,000 calories in a day, the almonds you ate in the morning will remove about 60 calories from that total. The effect probably applies to other kinds of nuts, although only almonds have been rigorously studied. So enjoy your nuts on a daily basis- their monounsaturated fat content appears to lower cardiovascular risk. Opt for the least processed versions possible from raw to lightly toasted and salted your

Try These Supplements If You Feel Tired

Rogue Moron TR Police

It’s interesting how the police in my town are paid $100,000 a year to come home at least five times a day for twenty and thirty minutes at a pop. Yet, they work a four day week have three days off which equates to almost two weeks off a month. Yet there are cops that I’ve witnessed who continue to rip off the taxpayers who pay their salaries, pensions and, benefits, yet they still come home. This must surely be a new way to fight crime in my community. When I sent photo’s of the cop parked between the houses to avoid detection to his so called Chief, he NEVER answered any of the emails though this dude who thinks he is above the law makes almost $200,000 a year. Maybe it’s time that as citizens, we stop the rogues who plaque our system with dishonesty. The mayor of the town apparently can’t read or write either as he never answers the complaints from his ivory towers, another true and honest man who must condone their actions. Altogether, all of the so called administrators never get off their ass to do anything about this though for sure, we pay the highest property tax in the nation here in beautiful NJ. This is what we get for our tax dollars. Rogue cops who come home continually throughout the day apparently fighting crime from home. This is of course the new crime fighting tactics used by Toms River NJ cops.

In conclusion, I’m tired of these yo yo’s who take matters into their own hands. Cops that cheat the taxpayers. The police Chief who condones it and BLOCKS my emails, and a mayor who can’t read and write. All of them should be fired. The Three Stooges could do a better job in this place than


all the above cheats mentioned. Nice work Cops, Mayor and Chief  as well as Toms River NJ Administrators. It’s VERY nice to know your a caring honest bunch!! GEEZ!