Does Medical Marijuana Benefit New Jerseyans And Others?

They say that the majority of New Jersey’s 9 million residents could possibly benefit from marijuana therapy at some time in their lives.Especially, when you consider all of the drugs therapeutic uses.In addition, marijuana controls pain without over sedation, stimulates the appetite and, improves mood. It has been used for relieving eye problems like glaucoma and with that, the fastest growing population of users is the elderly..                                                                                                                                                                               It appears that public opinion improves for the usage of marijuana as a substitute for other  more addicting drugs.Moreover, ATC’s ,or Alternative Treatment Centers benefit the public with jobs, raise vast amounts of revenue which the politicians say will ease the tax burden in tax laden states like NJ. Further, the ACT’s meet a great need in the community for those who need the service. The marijuana stock for investors opens new doors for the development of wealth and so it goes. Almost everyone sees the benefits of the new wave of marijuana use under controlled conditions, but, what about the other side of the equation? In NJ and other places, people are so pre- occupied with their cell phones texting etc while driving that I cannot imagine for one instance that the addition to legalized pot will further contribute to more accidents on the road. Will the weed relax and slow drivers reactions? There is an uptick in accidents in Colorado and other states that have legalized marijuana. With the amount of accidents on the road, the interest in texting and in general the focus on the road that marijuana impaired drivers  will in all probability will have, maybe just the legalization for medical use should be all that we need, as well as limiting the and or improving the ATC’s. There are enough distractions in our lives without the continuation of adding more fuel to the fire.


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