Mozart And The Child

One of the most rewarding musical endeavors I have been a part of was the way Mozart’s music stimulates the in utero child. Experiments have been done with women in their last trimester where they would listen to a song recorded, then, play it several times a day for the yet unborn child. The results were graphic, as the  fetus would move within the mothers stomach over and over again. that reminded me of a time when our first child was only a week or so away from delivery. We went to the Academy of Music in Philadelphia to see the London Symphony on tour. Sitting just shy of front row center, my wife bulging about as far as one can under those circumstances noticed movement of our son to the music. Within a few minutes, he stomach was totally lopsided and people began to notice. With that, they took more notice to the movement of my son in utero than they did with the London Symphony. It was truly a remarkable incident but years later, the Mozartian Effect would be studied worldwide where once thought fetal occupation was dead time. Now, we are learning through stimulation, particularly that of high frequency music like the compositions and quick Allegro’s of Mozart, that the fetus  can be stimulated by music. This is why the CD’s of classical music for the various 006fetus are so popular now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  In conclusion, the most rewarding and remarkable thing about all of this is the fact that while the mothers were playing the given song to their child not yet born, once born the child would follow the music after birth as though they were searching for the sounds they heard in the womb. The Mozart Effect is a truly significant program. While it may not  stimulate your child to become Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, those children stimulated by the music in utero fared far better academically than those who did not. Not a bad idea.


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