5 Ways To Keep Track Of Your Health

We all know how the holiday season can pack on the weight with cookies, parties and excess in general. No one wants to spoil the fun and indulging is a holiday tradition for most of us. Here are some ways to alleviate the concerns.  Remember to stick to your routine. Hit the gym, go to bed, Meditate. Do whatever it takes to keep you grounded and focused. It’s very easy to slide this time of year.  Don’t forget to drink! dehydration can still take place in the winter months , so make sure you are getting adequate water By the way, water does NOT have to be your only means of hydration. Soups, made from hearty stock as well as citrus fruits do the trick as well. Staying on the track doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the sweet things of the season. Use organic honey to sweeten. Particularly, Organic Honey  In The Raw It is Non- GMO Project Certified. It’s made form pure nectar collected from exotic wildflowers found in remote regions of Caatinga of Brazil It’s heated to a temperature of 117 degrees so it retains the true benefits of bee pollen                                                                                                                                                                                   You can  also make substitutions. Like topping pies with Greek yogurt instead of cream. using applesauce instead of oil and nut flower instead of white flour for baking. Lastly, be mindful. Holidays can be dangerous in making wise nutritional choices. While attending Xmas parties, and a buffet is served, it is always tempting to go after the high  caloric foods first. As my grandmother used to say, don’t eat with your eyes. Scan the buffet for quality foods that will keep you on your plan and safe from pounding on the weight. It’s an easy thing to do. Just be as focused this time of the year as you would be upon your  goals and focus


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