Tis The Season!

“For it is giving that we receive”, unknown. I received a letter today from the Atlantic City Rescue Mission a society that looks after the homeless. They were requesting that I send a donation for Thanksgiving meals for the needy of whatever denomination . Further, in a day and age of scams. the elderly for instance are prayed upon and lose millions of dollars to scammers yearly, then there are those societies like the Humane Society who do a good job in providing for the care of abused and neglected animals, but, a large part of every dollar donated goes to administrative costs. The victims of Super Storm Sandy that hit the Jersey Shore with a vengeance are still suffering from scammers and dishonesty over six years later. I bit the bullet however and realized that this AC Rescue was a bonafide helper of the needy and gave a good donation that would feed about 15 people as to their specifications. One’s heart feels good knowing that you are making a difference to those less fortunate and believe it or not, in this country, there are MANY who are less fortunate. Just walk down any city street and you will see homeless everywhere.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       With that said, the point here is that giving feels good. Not just at Christmas or Thanksgiving, but throughout the year. I can only imagine those souls out in freezing temperatures while we crawl into a warm bed. To have no heat on the coldest day, or skipping meals simply because you have not the money to afford. Americans are a giving people. We see it time and time again when those in need are desperate, we come through, those who lose their homes to hurricanes or tornado’s, we come through, those who have lost their incomes or, need shelter, we come through. We as American come through. There are many who risk their lives to save and help others. We come through in the crunch, we help those with little regard to our own well being. so, with the Christmas season soon upon us,  our hearts will be open, our wallets giving and our spirits high. I always think of myself when I see someone in desperation. How would I feel? Who will help me? What does tomorrow hold for me? What will happen if I’m impaired?, I paint myself in that corner and then, I go to my checkbook and write out a donation check hoping in some small way I can administer a piece of happiness, a token of gratitude, and a sprinkle of giving someone something you take for granted everyday. Look into your own hearts and realize what you have so that you can give someone what they don’t. After all, it  goes like this,”Tis the Season’!!


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