Fitness Tip! Dealing With Midlife Anxiety.

Mid-life transition is a natural process, and a normal part of maturing. It happens to many people, usually around age 40. Common issues that arise with mid-life transition include discontent, boredom or confusion with your current life/lifestyle, the questioning of the meaning of life, and a yearning to be adventurous.

If you or a loved one is experiencing mid-life transition, coping will take some time and energy. Make sure you explore and accept your feelings, allowing yourself time to reflect and rejoice about life on a regular basis. Setting new goals and taking care of your mental health is also a good idea – start a meditation practice, join a group or seek out a therapist if necessary. Devoting extra time to your partner or spouse to rekindle your relationship and spending uninterrupted time with your children are important, as are pursuing hobbies and getting enough exercise, which can help you take charge of your health and your middle years. All of these ideas will smooth this transition and enhance the next stages of life for the long haul.


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