Fatal Experiments On Dogs Move Ahead At V.A.

The Department of Veterans Affairs is pushing forward with invasive and fatal experiments on dogs as part of it’s medical research efforts. These very controversial proceedures sparked an outrage of controversy and opposition from some veteran’s advocates and prompted Congress to act on strict restrictions. In turn, the VA argues that these experiments may help vets who suffer from spinal cord injuries and breathing problems. In Milwaukee for instance, the experiments call for removal of sections of a dogs brain to test neurons that control breathing before the dogs are killed by lethal injection. In the same way, in Cleveland, tests involve using electrodes on dogs spinal cords to measure cough reflexes before and after severing the cords.  Moreover, in Richmond, Virginia, experiments include implanting pacemakers in dogs then inducing abnormal heart rhythms and running the dogs on treadmills to test their cardiac function. before euthanizing them by injection or draining their blood. VA  former secretary Davis Shulkin approved the continuation of these experiments on March 28th the same day he was fired by President Trump. Trump in turn, signed a bill on March 23rd requiring that dog experiments be directly approved by the VA secretary to receive agency funding. It now looks like the new VA Secretary Robert Wilkie are set to continue. The records reviewed show there are nine active experiments at four VA facilities and more are certainly likely in the future. The VA has mentioned that 99% of agency studies involve rats. When they were asked to cite the most recent breakthroughs credited to the VA dog experiments the VA pointed to the invention of an implantable cardiac pacemaker and through the experiments, to success in the first liver transplant. These experiments, date back to the 60’a in accordance to the VA website.                                                                                                                                                                                                                With all the aforementioned, lawmakers have said that they are disappointed the VA continues to push forward with these dog experiments. Many have said that they feel the results are not worth the effort.. There are lawmakers that are pushing to stop the practice altogether like Dina Titus and Dave Brat. The issues with this started when an advocacy group called The White Coat Waste Project released documents showing that VA researchers in Richmond had totally botched surgeries on dogs. Further, the group said that the practice should be suspended util a study is complete on the experiments.                                                                                                                                                                           Unfortunately, without more public outcry to your local and state legislatures, the practice will go on. Revlon had done painful eye tests and experiments on rabbits years ago until they were exposed  by watchdog groups that brought the practice to the public outcry. We all have the power to make change by contacting our leaders and expressing dissent for these inhumane tortures of dogs.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     In conclusion, while experimentation is helpful in furthering human life, there are many other ways to experiment without the pain and suffering of careless and thoughtless people like the VA. I would urge all of you who care, to get crakin and contact the fearless leaders you and I put in office.


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