Think About The Men & Women In The Military!!

veterans-day-quotesWhen I look at the news no matter what network, I hear the same things over and over. We seem to adhere to the fact that celebrities are special people, though most I have met are people period. Nothing to get excited about. We hold a special place in our life and hearts for these people like Kanye West, Kim Kardhashian and the like. Not that there is anything wrong about having hero’sin ones life. Certainly   better people. In many cases hero’s propel us to achieve our dreams just the way the hero’sin our lives  propelled them. My problem with all of it is that One never hears of the real hero’s in our world. The military very brave men and women who keep us safe and free. I was passing a monument today as I took my daily walk on the boardwalk here at the Jersey Shore when I noticed a newly constructed monument at the town square. I have seen it several times as I walk with my gran daughter, but this time I read it carefully. It was inscribed with the name of a soldier named Monahan who was killed in Afghanistan at 25 yrs old.  The news media will NEVER tell us about those brave people who died for us. They are  way too busy telling us about movie stars and rick stars who do not make a difference like our military. Sure, they make us feel good with their movies and music, but the attention should always go  to those military stars. They are the REAL hero’s of our life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          You will never hear their names called. Never read about them in the newspaper, never do they ever get a mention but, they are the  most important people upon this great land. The reason we are free, the reason we live in the best place imaginable. The reason we get up and can do what we want. My father was a submarine commander and I went to over twenty schools in twelve years so I know from experience the hardships military families share. Some barely make enough to get by and depend on food stamps to survive. Retired veterans have trouble getting health care in hospitals and in the past, many of those VA Hospitals were appalling. We should care more. We should do more, we should always, always appreciate the men and women of our military over anyone else in my opinion. I am VERY appreciative of what these people have done for me both now and in the past. From the musket dwelling comrades of the American Revolution who carved out a niche for us to be free from super power England, to the present fiasco in Afghanistan, they should all hear our voice.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      In conclusion, anytime I see a vet of military enlisted, I go up , thank them and shake their hand. I tell them I appreciate them and their service. Most are humble, never thinking that the moment is too big for them. We should teach our kids to respect them like we respect star athletes, movie stars and musicians of fame. We should never forget their service nor why we are who we are because of them. Teach your kids to shake the hand of a veteran. It will make their day. Tell them you appreciate them and that you are honored by their stance. I even have bought them coffee when they are standing in line at a convenience store. It’s certainly in my opinion, the least I can do for my freedom. Here this, “It is never a bad thing to fight and give one’s life for there country, but, it is a terrible thing to be forgotten”. Let’s never forget just like we never forgot the souls of 9-11. It is our duty!


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