USA Birthright & Donald Trump

For years the offspring of foreign born parents born in the US were automatic citizens. Now, that right that stood for the acceptance of slaves is being challenged by President Trump. Immigrants to this country during the industrial period and the building of America were the cornerstone of what made us great as a nation and, is what has kept us great as a world leader and  the most powerful nation in the history of mankind. Further, Italians, Germans, Asians, South Americans, Mexicans and the like have come here to give their unique talents and knowledge in building what we have. They were all a vital part in our success. By taking away the birthright that no longer makes the offspring “Citizens” takes away years of what America has stood for. We are a nation of immigrants, we are a nation of people who come to our country like the Vietnamese after the war and worked two jobs so they could go to school, many received doctorate degrees and become viable citizens contributing to our positive welfare as a nation.                                                                                                                                                                                                      In conclusion, our America has seen drastic change over the past several years. We are a divided and to me a somewhat broken structure of a nation. Why not leave well enough alone the things that have worked so well in making us great like birthright etc, and start focusing on the things that will make us better. This is a critical time for our nation as I view it.  We cannot continue to violate the practices that make our nation great, less we succeed as a county and a nation.


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