Fitness Tip, Remember To Massage The Muscles Before You Run.

Running while some experts feel has it’s negatives is actually a great way to stay fit. Some runners challenge themselves buy running in 5k races or even marathons, though whatever the distance the muscles work hard as well. Some of the more complained about ailments with running are muscle tightness, strain, wear and tear on the joints and ligaments and the overload of the connective tissue that supports the musculoskeletal system. All of these can cause our favorite  complaint! Pain!. With this said, message therapy can be a very useful aid to a runners lifestyle.Regular massage treatments during training phases can be a great way to maintain optimal soft tissue, tendon and ligament health.. Certainly one of the best result of massage is pain relief.                                                                                                                                                                                                 Massage should never take the place however of good warm up stretching before the run. I have been running for over forty years and other than some muscle tightness, (64 years old) and some knee stiffness, never have I had any type of injury. This is mainly due to the fact that I have never run on hard surfaces. I always run on dirt or grass. Usually wooded trails that are much better on the joints than conventional runners do. I also live near the ocean so running on the boardwalk and sand has been a savior for my physical well being. After a three to five mile run Monday – Friday, I start with warm up stretches, yoga type along with various leg kicks and stretches. I do a total body stretch always before a run. After the run, I do a series of yoga stretches as well as three 100 yard wind sprints . I fit planks in as well lifting the legs for the maximum effort. After which, a five minute meditation session in lotus position clearing the mind. With this structure, I am most proud to say other than hernia surgery almost two years ago, I have never had any physical problems nor hospital visits or surgeries. The Insurance company that caters to my health care certainly loves me!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 In conclusion, after the workout, I eat a cup of yogurt with walnuts, various  fruits as well as flax and chia seeds. I take, a variety of herbs and drink them down with chocolate milk which has a better ratio than any sport drink and much less sugar content. The next time you swig down a sport drink, take a look at the sugar content on the bottle. You will be most surprised. Research chocolate milk as an after workout drink as you will find it much more effective than the sports drinks. Just ask Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors who drinks it regularly, after all, it’s backed by science!! .


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