The NY Giants Downhill Slide

download (9)Last season was a disaster not only for the NY Giants , but for the many devoted fans of the franchise that came to fruition in 1925 and was purchased by Wellington Mira who paid 500$ for the club. As of now, the Giants are worth over 3 billion dollars as the rate has sky rocked in value over the last five to ten years as has all NFL teams and owners as well have become billionaires since the ill fated arrival of the Commissioner Roger Goodel.  With this in mind, two years ago, the Giants under the then General Manager Jerry Reese built a stellar defense spending over 200 million dollars in defensive salaries and options. While the defense came through, the veteran QB Eli Manning steeped it up and threw the Giants to the playoffs where they faced the fabled Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately for the G-Men, they would lose that playoff game and with that loss, things deteriorated to the point of disbelief for the franchise. Last year, the Giants won a depressing three games, their 200 million dollar defense quit, the receivers were sidelined, the offensive line depleted and under performing and the team fell in the cellar of the NFC Eastern Division. With that, the coach Ben McAdoo was fired, the GM Jerry Reese was fired, the new GM would be a man who had no experience at that helm in Dave Gettleman from Carolina Panthers. The new coach would be the well respected Pat Shurmur who guided Case Keenem to the NFC Championship game with the Minnesota Vikings.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Hope sprung eternal as the Giants would continue their retooling of the club. In came Nate Solder from the Patriots at over 60 million dollars, Gettleman drafted Saquan Barley out of Penn State and retooled the defense as well as trading the much maligned Eric Flowers a high drat lineman who went bust. All was in place until the season began this year and slowly but surly, the Giants fell once again downward to a mere one win in eight games. The boo birds came out, Pat Shurmur’s head was put on a pole and the Giants were once again in disaster mode. At this point, the Giants cannot score, cannot keep Eli Manning protected, cannot stop on drives late in the games and, sub par play from some of it’s top performers. With that, the fans, media and the like are calling for Eli Manning’s trade and there is much doubt among the Giants fans and the media, as well as the players. What will the Giants do? Will they look for a  veteran quarter back? Will they trade up in the draft to  get a QB, will they keep Odell Beckham, a talented but loud mouth self centered player who has over his tenure  caused problems on the team despite his extension of over 90 million dollars. This once fabled and one of the most respected franchises in professional sports has nothing to look forward to. With an aged QB, poor  play receivers, a defense that has trouble shutting down opposing teams late in games continues to sail into another oblivion season. Will Eli go? Will there be changes? Who will become the backup QB as the club traded Davis Webb a seldom used but capable QB.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   In conclusion, one of the most fabled teams in sports finds itself no better off than it was last year even with the numerous changes. I for one, would expect some major changes on this team particularly if the losing continues. Eli Manning who is beloved by fans has a no trade huge paying contract, but, in a business that football is, how can a club keep a QB that has lived on the memories of two Super bowls from the past? As the Bob Dylan song goes, “The times they are a changin” so with that even with the conservatism of this long time NFL member, the Giants need to take a very long and hard look at themselves in hopes of making the championship memories of the past come to fruition for the future. We shall see.


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