Fitness Tip. Magic Food For You

With one in three Americans not just overweight but obese, it is little wonder that what we eat dictates  our makeup both physically and mentally. Most people do not eat breakfast with the fast pace of our lives. Further, processed foods and sugars are the enemies of our existence. diabetes caused mainly by a very poor diet is caused for the most part by overworking the pancreas to the point of overdrive. In addition, most kids are addicted to their social media platforms getting little exercise either physically or mentally. The commercial says’ “men were once men, now most are cream puffs” Little wonder when a sedentary lifestyle permeates our culture.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               So what can one do about their obese, unhealthy, mundane lifestyles. Starting a moderate exercise program of just walking maybe some stretching will add an extra lift both mentally and physically. Moreover, adding fruits and vegetables especially kiwi apples all the berries , especially blueberries, will help in a healthy body. Adding green leafy vegetables, especially kale ,broccoli spinach. Adding some chia and flax seeds to yogurt works with the omega threes. Also, getting fish in your diet is most important. Others like quinoa, mushrooms that have vast amounts of beta glucan a proven cancer fighter is also recommended.  Adding nuts like walnuts is great, but stay away from peanuts and corn. These harbor mold and some doctors feel that it can have adverse affects to health. Doug Kaufman the host of Know the Cause has much information on this.The saying”You are what you eat” is a phrase you cannot argue with. Those of you who are teenagers consider this, the body starts to break down at the age of twenty five. What you do before that will dictate what you will look like later in life. It is a proven fact that people who have a healthy diet and do exercise particularly good aerobics tend to live longer,feel better and enjoy life more. In addition, adding fish oil, flax oil, olive oil, alpha lapoic acid, tumeric a wonderful anti inflammatory, acidophilus, astragalus for boosting the immune system will only make positives in your health.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In conclusion, it is of great importance that all individuals take the utmost care of their health. Look at Asian people. Most are slim with a very good diet of fish, mushrooms and soy. Asian women have among the lowest rate of breast cancer in the world. In Okinawa, many people live into their hundreds. So, take a page and even a chapter from their book of life and get going. Get off the computer, the phones, get off Twitter and all the other addictive ventures and go out and make yourself a better longer living person. Do it now before problems start to show. it’s your choice, “Go for it”.


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