Donald Trump And The NFL.

Nothing seems to steam peoples kettles more than mentioning our President Donald Trump who seems to make headlines and  has a sincere habit of almost always saying the wrong things at the wrong time. Donald Trump has a habit of igniting a situation or when the embers flame out , seems to be the bellows that puts the air back into the flames and erupts the whole situation.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               This blog is not to bash Trump or his presidency. There are enough people able to do that. I merely want to outline Trump’s anger at the NFL and his continued fork jabbing of the league he views under the microscope.From Kaepernicks kneeling to the kneeling and unison of a whole league, the NFL has certainly accented the presidents ire. But why? Why does Trump continue to jab the league and inflame the players, coaches and owners?  Well, there is a simple story to the story. Trump has always had an affection for getting involved in his endeavors from all sides.He is relentless, a soldier, driven by whatever mechanism drives his spirit. So is the story of Trumps desire to own an NFL team. The NFL throughout it’s long existence, has had many competitors trying to upstage it’s league. The American Football League of the forties, whose teams included the Colts, 49ers and Browns. The American Football League of Lamar Hunt whose eight charter teams invaded the  psyche of the league causing a merger. Then, in the 70’s the WFL a bizzarre league whose teams folded before they even took the field tried in vain to under mind the NFL. Then, and this is the biggest then, was the newly found USFL, a league that was well thought out, very good franchise’s and a team in New York called the New Jersey Generals owned by guess who? Mr. Donald Trump. The league  had identity, an ABC TV contract and, top players  some bolting from the NFL, some from the draft, but non the less, a viable league that had some great players and to add to the fact, some very good games. While the league had it’s  success, it had growing pains as a new league as some of the franchise’s had to move to greener pastures, but non the less,the league went on. Trump bolstered his team by adding Hershel Walker a brute of a running back as well as Doug Flutie from Boston College fame. On the league went and Trump, who loved to be in the presence of his football stars, boasted how great the league was and touted that it will go forward. Then, Then, then, well something very Trumpian happened, Trump wanted his name in lights, he wanted his brand on the league just like his brand on all he owns. Planes, Towers, Golf Courses etc. Unfortunately, Trump got the idea that the NFL was a monopoly and sued the NFL as he wanted to start the leagues season in September just as the NFL did. The USFL started in March right after the Super bowl so this way, the public;s taste and desire  for football could be quenched. So what happens? Well Trump with all his might and power takes on the NFL and the impending lawsuit which he said could not lose, well, well, well, guess what? He lost in court, bankrupted the league as the case used up the money from the USFL and the league thanks to Mr. Trump went out of business totally ruining a great league that had great potential as a viable alternative to the NFL season. Great games, intense players and name stars all went by the wayside as Trump made sure this league went belly up. Of course with the lawsuit,  Trump made numerous enemies within the NFL particularly the owners who saw him as a rouge and maverick. Trump whose greatest desire was to own an NFL team after the rath of the NFL owners, none of the old Turks, a name that is given to the older longer owners of NFL teams and the young bloods, the newer owners refuse to vote in Trumps favor when he would wish to apply for an NFL team. Trump has gotten many things in his life and has plowed people over to get them, but an NFL team??? Well, not if the NFL owners have anything to say about it and, add to the fact,he won’t get  his other desire, and what  is that you ask? To have the worlds tallest building in NY. Seems like the hierarchy of NY instilled a variance about a maximum height of NY buildings that Trump would NOT be able to erect.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      So, now  you know. A man who seems to go after many things , a man of power wealth, determination and heavy handedness, wrecked an entire league, so is it hard to understand how one can wreck an entire country?


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