Me-Time, The Difficulty In Taking Care Of Yourself And Your Toddler With Another Baby On The Way.

Caring for a toddler can be most challenging with exhaustion, discomfort and stress of another baby on the way.Sacrificing a moms time for her children is not healthy. With all the stress and activeness going on , it may be difficult to channel out even an uninterrupted hour for oneself. There are a few things that can be done and one would be to be creative and take multiple shorter breaks throughout the day. Most importantly, eating well , exercise, and getting enough sleep. Here are the tips;  Exercise. Walking around the block with the toddler or visiting a local park to spend some time outside. Encourage the toddler to have activities that you both enjoy. Further, Make a meal together. try to encourage wholesome foods like fruits and vegetables possibly making up stories that get the toddler to want to try. Kids get excited when your excited. For down time, it is important to take naps when the toddler is napping. try to make their room as comfortable for naps as possible. Making the room a little dark, playing very soft music and, maybe turning on a fan to diminish extraneous noise. This will give you the time you need by yourself and the rest you may desire. Peer to peer social interaction is very important as well. Make sure you can have this as part of your routine.                                                                                                                                                                                            Fatigue is always a constant during this time. The body during the first trimester produces progesterone which can make those fatigue feeling evident. Try getting eight to nine hours of sleep, though difficult but something to strive for. Eat foods that have  lean protein, carbs and vegetables. Always take it slooooow! try to prioritize your activities so that you will have the time for yourself as well as the toddler. Kids will try almost anything since their minds are like a sponge. When you show enthusiasm, they too will get excited. So,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           In conclusion, exercise, sleep prioritizing your activities,the right foods and time to yourself is the ticket! All the best!!


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