Are We There Yet? Tips For Road Harmony

“Are we there yet?” The proverbial phrase that all parents know too well. This maddening phrase that is asked over and over will continue until one gets a proper grip on what to say.Parents answer, “We will be there soon”, “The more you ask, the longer it will take to get there” won’t work. No matter what is said, its the kids that always usually win. It’s like trying to outsmart a squirrel on a bird feeder, the more you try, the more you realize the squirrel is smarter than you. With all the electronics that kids have at their disposal today, sooner or later the phrase, “I’m bored”. Kids always play to win. As the driver, you are focused on the road. Maybe your mind is drifting.You are preoccupied, then suddenly you hear, “I’m bored”. Kids always know that  you know they are bored. They play games with your mind. Maybe they play the game so they love watching you get frustrated. This in an unwinnable game. The best you can hope for is a draw. Advice? well start by bringing reading material a spare device loaded with educational  software. Or, try talking to the kids. Kids love to be talked to. Sometimes talking to kids is like talking to your wife or husband, you just run out of things to say.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Of course there are the inevitable fights that usually happen. Someone will disagree with another.. “He hit me first” is the usual echo heard. or, “He bit me”. “Don’t make me pull over” is the usual utterance the driver makes when the fights escalates. This of course, is exactly what the kids want you to do., Now the fun begins! Here’s some advice. Do pull the car over, but before the fight starts. Buy a ball, frisbee, whatever. Find a rest stop, take an extended break and let them run wild.Usually after the melee, they will be settled and tired.One has to realize that whether your fellow passengers express boredom, frustration or anger, it’s all part of the game. Well parents, now that you understand and know that the kids are totally willing to play these road games with you, and, now that you know how to actually win or, try to win, I can promise a smoother drive. “Are we there yet”?



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