FitnessTip!!! Get Off The Couch America And Start Moving!!

While America has a gym seemingly on every street, only 12% of Americans use them. we are getting fatter. TV promotes fatty meals, add the cheese they say add more fat add more of this and more of that. America then, is one of the most obese countries on the planet. One in three people are obese not to mention the people that are just plain overweight. Further, I’ve been to buffet where people have gone back for thirds! Add on the pies and ice cream and thus, you have one fat country where coronary disease leads the world. People are living longer but that is mainly due to technology. Laziness and food will be the end for many people unless they start eating sensibly and start some sort of exercise program. How many older people using walkers at 60 years old could have alleviated that problem had they exercised and watched their weight when they were younger.Most digestive disorders are caused by stress and, a unbalanced diet. I see many older people in the laxative isle, mainly because of poor diets and lack of a structured exercise program.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   While we are obese, other nations enjoy a better lifestyle. The Asian countries especially Okinawa. have some of the oldest people on the planet. Women in Asian countries have only a fraction of breast cancer and all of them or nearly all, are dependent on some form of exercise. Scandinavian countries while eating somewhat of a fatty diet, still eat plenty of fish and many people in the country part of the area, cross country ski to their destinations. The French while eating a heavy diet, consume plenty of red wine which has been a proven heart healthy habit. moreover, many people of various nations do not eat three meals a day and many Muslim countries  adhere to the practice of fasting which has been proven to add years to life. In addition, many nations do not suffer from the stress and physical problems of America. So,,, with that in mind, how does one change to a healthy lifestyle? At some point, people who care reach a certain age and just realize they must do something to ensure their health for a healthy life. I once talked to a successful dentist who turned fifty and decided to start a better eating program and a heart healthy exercise program. He told me, “I just turned fifty and decided to take better care of myself as I see my friends with strokes, heart attacks and a whole array of medical problems.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          So how does one change their life.  first, you must erase the lazy element from your life and decide your health is of great importance. Many Americans lack breakfast. they are either too  late or not in the mood to eat breakfast which is a brutally important part of the day. Erase the sugary cereals, and bagels which is the worst. Start with a low fat yogurt adding walnuts and slices of various fruits as side dishes. Fruit acts like Roto Router and cleans the intestines. No need for cleansing problems or gimmicks. eat kiwi which has been proven to possibly rebuild your DNA. Take a probiotic capsule with alpha lipoic acid, fish oil(keep in the refrigerator) plenty of flax oil and flax seed as well a chia seeds added to your  yogurt. Add luten for the eyes if your older and CoQ 10 for heart health. Lay off the antibiotics. Eat fresh fish a few times a week. For lunch, I always make my own salad substituting kale for lettuce as well as adding the super foods, Quinoa, and blueberries as well as broccoli. Leave the Gatorade and other over used and overpriced drinks on the shelves. They are FULL of sugar. Drink chocolate milk as a post workout drink. It has everything and more to it than Gatorade. Start with a walking regiment at least three times a week. Go online and learn stretching and yoga moves to incorporate with your walks. If you start a running program, start slow. Get the best pair of running shoes you can afford. Run on a tartan track or grass, never on asphalt as you will get very painful shinsplints which can take weeks to heal. If you run a track or, keep track of your run distance, make sure the last quarter of your run is an all out sprint as fast as you can go, then instead of stopping, do a very slow lap around the track to cool off. The sprint is imperative for you to build endurance. If you run the same way each time you run, your body will be acclimated to the run and you will be just maintaining instead of building endurance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   So, with that said, get off your butts you obese Americans and add some zest to your life as well as years.You will fell great! I’ll have additional comments on subsequent blogs to follow. Good luck and remember, your health is at stake!!!


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