Is It Right Or Left? Watch Your Judgments Of people.

download (80) Just like it is difficult to determine which way the batter is hitting, is he right or left, in the same way, it is difficult to see people. A person may look grumpy though they may be great. A person may be quite and considered conceded. A person may be gruff, or pushy, or timid, or outgoing, extrovert, introvert, mad at the world or in general, all these things. We tend to look at things as humans as half full or half empty, yet, which is it? What does the world display? Why do we interpret things in a negative or positive nature? Is it human nature? Do our eyes trick us? Are we seeing things the way they really present themselves? If one looks closely at the image above, at firsts, it looks like he is swinging right handed. Yet, upon further examination, we can also see that he is swinging left.  The image then, leaves us undetermined and  in doubt to what is happening. Is the glass full or empty, is it white or black? What exactly is going on?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    like the image then as it perplexes us, so to must we sit back before we make judgments of people. While we can see and measure the physical characteristics of a person as they are in clear view, we cannot and should never determine a persons heart of which we cannot know. A person who seems angry or depressed or always down may have many factors that have pulled them down in life. So thus the saying”Don’t judge unless you have walked in their shoes”. getting to know people for who they might be or become is a better factor in making snap decisions. It is an idea we should all adhere to the next time we think we have someone figured out without being in their shoes. Look at the image again . You thought you knew which way the swing is, but in reality, you don’t. People judgments are the same way. You never know what you get until you learn where one came from. It might, just might make us all better people.


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