Being A Little Kinder Really Makes A Difference

I live in the Northeast where it is certainly not unusual to not know the names of your neighbors. People for the most part in this part of the USA often have ultra busy lives, stress, dealing with the uneveness of life and it’s general problems. With over nine million people in my state of New Jersey, it is a madhouse of traffic in the morning as commuters bustle on the various highways, parkways and interstates on their way to jobs. I have experience the usual. Tailgaters so close you can’t see their headlights, people cutting you off, giving you the finger etc. It’s a whirlwind of chaos to say the least. while road rage, yelling abruptness and you name it is a part of the scene, what does it take to signal some vestige of kindness, respect and, the benefit of the doubt to people? If so, would it bring out the kindness in them? When a person cuts you off and gives you the finger, is it not a bad idea rather than retaliate, to maybe   throw some positives their way. Of course there are always those who no matter how nice you are to them, they will be negative so with the later in mind , I tried this psychology out. There was a person tailgating me for some time and I saw him jestering in my mirror, apparently difussed over the fact that I didn’t move out of his way. Of course, I could have taken the northeast route and pissed him off even more but instead, I moved over after signaling and waved to him. In his most disgruntled state, he actually waved back and, I  read his lips saying thank you to me as he passed by. Further there was a women who was obviously qandry over standing in a long line. You could see her face wrinkled with anxiety as well as anger. When she got up to the checkout, she was visibly perturbed and as she started to yell at the cashier, I offered to by her the coffee.Immediately, her anger subsided, she thanked me, took me up on my offer and, apologized for what she was about to say to the cashier. As the saying goes, a fist gets you a fist back and honey can get you more than vinegar.                                                                                                                  In conclusion, while the world gets zanier and angrier, perhaps the benefit of being a little nicer and maybe more understanding to those whose fuse is short can apparently remedy the situation. I’ve seen first hand how an act of both generosity and kindness can turn negatives in people around, so perhaps, when you encounter those who are irritating, maybe, just maybe a little understanding and compassion toward their demeanor will and can make a difference. It is a little token we all can add to our daily menu in making the world that becomes angrier by the minute a little more livable. try it, it may work!


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