Should Police Have A Presence In Our Schools?

School districts around the country are rushing to place armed officers such as Antommarchi in their buildings in the wake of the Parkland Florida shootings.Some education experts however feel this may be the wrong approach. To just increase the level of police presence in schools and regulation of the kids deprives them of their childhood many say. police in schools say the experts doesn’t really protect them from harm. With this, civil rights groups have undertaken provisions to keep police out of schools.. They say that police presence in schools contribute to feelings of criminalization by black students and jeopardize  healthy learning climates.                                                     Schools have hired for the most part, retired police officers who work with local police departments to patrol schools.  The initial idea behind this is that an officer on site would cut down on crucial response time if a shooting did take place. Moreover, the number of armed police in school halls has risen over the past decade.By the 2015-16 school year, over 43 percent of schools have hired officers or had a presence of officers within their buildings. The policing has a duel effect. In predominately white schools, policing takes on more educational and counseling roles within the school , whereas in black dominated schools, they take on more of a discipline role.                                                           The  jury is out for policing in the schools. It greatly depends on the size of the school, the age of the student body and, of course the  area of the country it may apply. School officials say along with law enforcement that when minutes count, having an armed officer on site can provide a significant  defensive where every minute certainly counts. It can happen anywhere say the experts which is certainly what we have seen over the last few decades. When and if it can happen anywhere so say the experts, we just have to do what we can to obviously be as vigilant as possible and deal with the threats as hey come in.                                                                                                                                                     We all live in an ever changing world. Once school was a place of learning, fun and the betterment of our students  which for the most part it still is, but with mentally disturbed people who can easily get their hands on a firearm and reek havoc . Unfortunately in today’s society, it is extremely possible and very realistic no matter where you live, whether it’s rural farmlands of America to the busiest cities, when you kiss your children goodbye, it could be the last kiss you give them. The evils of the world await now more than ever and with that, while there are those who feel police in schools violates our rights as people, it may have prevented Columbine a, parkland and the dreadful murders of innocent children at Sandy Hook in Connecticut whose lives were taken from us at too early . I still remember that horrible day a week or so before Christmas when the happiest of times for children should exist, Instead , when I heard the news of Sandy Hook School while driving, I had to pull over to the side of the road in total disbelief that someone could  perpetuate such a heinous crime against out children. The horror of those parents who lost their children and the scars it will indelibly leave are beyond comprehension. For that and the other useless and senseless loss of life that continued and will continue after Sandy Hook, I for one am a TOTAL and VERY firm believer that we must do all we can to protect not only our own essence, but the beauty and  hope of our children. If policing in schools can save even one life, then it is worth the effort regardless of what the negatives.


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