Fitness Tip!!Can You Get The Flu With A Flu Shot?

There are many myths out there, some that are adhered to and others we know are exactly that myths. One such question though is “If I get a flu shot, will I get the Flu? This is a question that prevents many people from getting the flu shot.                                             I put this question to several Board of health Coordinators. They said this, “You cannot get the flu from getting a flu shot”  Most of the  injection is dead flu virus, It’s inactivated. One negative though is that yes, while you can’t get the actual flu, you can get symptoms from the vaccine where you think you are getting the flu, why? because it stimulate the immune system, so with that, you can get aches and pains usually minor in nature.            When is the best time to get the injection? well the experts say NOW is the best time because as we get farther into the season, your more likely to be exposed to other illnesses. If you have the flu shot, then you can make the correlation. Getting the shot does NOT prevent the flu. It merely lowers the severity of the infection. Last year, 80,000 people died of a vicious strain of the flu. Medical people usually guess on what strains will infect us. Therefore, they can not be certain on which strain will make its way to us, so with that, they usually put together a dosage toward a strain or strains that they feel will be effective. It is not an exact science but all doctors that I have talked to promote the shot, especially for those with weakened immune systems and asthma.                           In conclusion then, should you or should you not get this injection? Most people feel that they have strong immune systems so they will not need it but, during the fall and especially winter, we are all prone to various germs so with that the flu shot is recommended. If your asthmatic, elderly, or, suffer fro any disease, you should consult your doctor on whether this is the right thing for you to do.


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