Are Politicians Worth The Effort?

We live in a country that has everything, though we are hated by most outside our borders, mainly because more of what we have than who we are,we have freedoms that are only dreamed of by others. We have veterans , those great and brave men and women who gave limb and life for all of us for them, I am forever grateful. We have  a standard of living that almost no other country can come close. In addition, we have all of the things that make us great. We have vibrant people who make our stay in this great nation that much more enjoyable for us all. We are said to be the land of milk and honey, we are envied and admired by afar, we are the most powerful nation on the planet and  our standard of living is unparalleled in the world yet, like other nations, we have government officials who by and large only think of themselves. Most are crooks, whore masters, thieves, liars and whatever other narratives you wish to expound upon them. We have this ingredient at all levels, from the very top of the apex , to the low freeholder of yours and my town. Most advertise their abilities while running commercial ads on TV downgrading those whom they run against rather than touting their skills on how much better their talents can make our lives.  They are caught in corruption, graft, money laundering and  adultery. While there are those who are genuine wonderful at what they do and who they are, most lie to the very people, steal from the very people and, vote  to expand taxes on an already overburdened people that put them in office. Most, are only interested in their own  track record. Five people can die at an intersection before they finally agree to put in a traffic light. In NJ where I live, we have a state of taxation brought upon us by less than scrupulous lawmakers who could care less about the people of their state. We have for instance a property tax that average’s about $8,500 per household, a casino tax, an school tax, an income tax, a sales tax among the highest tolls on our roads, an estate tax and just last year the illustrious Governor Chris Christie caved and put in a gasoline tax that is and was to harvest better roads throughout the state, yet the tax will be increased as the gasoline sales plummet. Who knows how high this will go and, if indeed it will even be used for the roads at all. Somehow, it is my assumption that they will plunder it for their own greedy purpose just like  they do when they raided social security for use on other things.                                     Ben Franklin once said, “Never trust a paid politician” In our own state, we have a pension program that cannot pay it’s pensioners. We have cops in the shore area that make nearly 100,000 $ a year and come home five and six times a day for at least twenty minutes at a time ripping off the tax payers, when their not sitting in the park or beating some poor minority person on a whim like hey have been shown to do all over the country. Moreover, We in this state have police chiefs making over 200,000 per year and have no reply to the citizens who pay their salaries when you contact them. We have school superintendents who make 230,000$ per year and then steal millions from the tax payers after they have their name ingrained on a building built  in their honor like one in our own county. We have secretaries to administrators who make almost six figures for their efforts and cops and jail workers who make as much as executives for overtime. We also have  police chiefs and others who collect over a quarter of a million dollars in unused sick time all on the  plate of us taxpayers.                                                                                                                             With all of this in mind, and that the same circle as the song goes seems to go unbroken, One  inept politician leaves , another promises yet gets caught in the same web. For the past several months, I have seen a particular police officer who works a four day week with three days off each week and a salary of near 100,000$ , full benefits, and of course a full pension come home numerous times each day. Sometimes, I have seen this person come home only a half an hour after his shift starts, yet , I have notified the chief of his actions as well as our illustrious Senator without any reply at all. All of this of course all of these actions by our elected and appointed officials is all on the tax payers. We are being lied to, fleeced and taken advantage of by those who we pay for.  Don’t forget , we police the police, we pay the police, we elect the officials, we as the people should make sure that WE are in charge of all the tycoons who think they are above our vote, out confidence, our belief in them and the system they were elected to do.                                   In conclusion then, there are those who staunchly say, “It is your job to Vote! your responsibility, yet, our freedoms extend to the point where we also have the right NOT to vote which is what makes out status in this country so great. We are the people who have the right of change, the right to remove, the right to extend our power to those whom we elect who think they are above us. When and if you experience any of the above, remember, you have the power and the right to change things. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of this disloyalty of those whom I elect and that are appointed.I’m tired of the dishonesty, the lies, the disloyalty of them all. Where are the John McCain’s? Where are leaders like Ben Franklin and the fore bearers  of our nation? Where are the honest men who were elected to actually bring about change and honesty to the people who elected them.


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