The Beauty Of The Jersey Shore

For all the “Jersey” jokes that people mention on passing through the state on their destination to New England or New York, New Jersey  is a state of diversity. It has mountains to the north, beautiful shore line, great farmlands, coastal plains and pine barrens. All have a inner beauty that most states cannot rival.                                                   One of the most scenic places is the “Judges Shack” which is one  of the  very last  scenic beach shacks left on the Atlantic coast. Not only is it a beautiful site, but it has a fabled and colorful history. It is located in Ocean County at Island Beach State Park where it has weathered storms, winds and the disaster known as “Sandy which devastatedfirst-glimpse-iconic-judges-shack-island-beach-new-years-weekendthe shore, yet, the Shack still smiles upon the sand dunes and ocean as a true remnant of what NJ stands for.


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