Fitness & Health Tip “Cocoa “A Great Dietary Addition..

Cocoa is considered a sweet drink, but, your glass of cocoa is one of the best post workout drinks you can consume. Gatorade and other workout drinks have a high sugar content but drinking a bottle of chocolate enhances the bodies efforts to rejuvenate after the workout. After my running workouts I have been drinking cocoa after each session and have found the positive efforts of the beverage. Also, cocoa, which is very good for the brain may help older adults brain health studies have shown. A study  published in Hypertension, demonstrated and included 90 elderly people who had mild cognitive impairment. For eight weeks they drank cocoa that had high medium and low amounts of antioxidants called flavonoids. Those who got high levels and medium levels of cocoa did better on mental skills compared to those with low dose. Flavanols then, could be one element of a dietary approach to maintaining not only of cardio health, but also specifically brain health.                                                                                                                      In conclusion then, while the studies show improvement with the drinking of cocoa, it has NOT been a proven point that drinking or eating cocoa will eliminate disease like Alzheimer’s, but the studies are promising and it may be a great idea to add cocoa to your dietary plan of fitness. After all Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors  drinks chocolate milk after his workouts. As he say’s in the commercial, “It’s proven by science”.


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