Fitness Tip!! Are Mushrooms The Saving Grace Of Cancer?

There are many foods that are on the top of the list that are discussed in food forums etc, but the lowly mushroom that is almost NEVER discussed has made it’s way to the top of the medical charts with it’s A plus rating as a cancer fighter , this fungus, is neither a plant nor animal, has been used for centuries by cultures all over the world.                         The Egyptians believed that eating mushrooms brought long life. The Chinese in their medicine have used mushrooms for over two thousand years. While there are thousands of types of mushrooms in the world, I wanted to tell you about three main ones. Reishi, Maitake, and shiitake as well as turkey claw. Reishi mushrooms according to a paper published in the National Academy of Sciences linked its use to cancer cell death. They mentioned that a type of carbohydrate molecule in this mushroom can induce antibodies to recognize and destroy antigens associated with tumors or cancer cells. In the same way, Maitake mushrooms are thought to do similar. At Sloan Kettering Maitake was shown to stimulate the immune system of breast cancer patients. When the mushrooms were combined with vitamin C they reduced the growth of bladder cancer cells by 90% in 72 hours and, were very highly effective in killing them.                                                         Best known of the mushroom family is the Shiitake.. Several papers have been published on these mushrooms that showed an increase in the survival rate of cancer patients. I have read though not confirmed, that a female cancer patient who was given turkey claw mushroom after chemotherapy went into remission. Certainly while other foods have “super food” status like Quinoa, blueberries, broccoli and kale have all had their moment in the sun as foods to eat. Over eating mushrooms because of their complex chemistry is not a good idea. They should be used sparingly and should be cooked since they are a fungus. The idea of adding this to the diet is a GOOD idea as the benefits have so far , far outweighed any negatives. One of the compounds in mushrooms is Beta glucan which is actually at the stem of the mushroom where it grows hairlike strands. These hairs are loaded with Beta glucan which science has touted as something to consider. Unfortunately, when mushroom are processed, the stem is cut with the beta glucan’s eliminated. Still, it is a great idea to add mushrooms to the diet as i have along with the fore mentioned kale, quinoa, broccoli and blueberries. You ban buy beta glucan capsules if the idea of swallowing a mushroom is not your idea of a palate pleaser.            In conclusion, you can go to any site on the net and read for yourselves the first hand positives from science and from the results of using mushrooms. The Asian female population has one of the lowest rates of breast cancer in the world. There, they consume a large quantity of mushrooms along with fish and soy. The diet is paramount in protecting from debilitating disease. Americans need to learn to throw out the  processed foods and start with consuming some of the foods discussed in this blog. We are a FAT nation with 1 of three people at the obese stage. I witness everyday, kids with rolls of fat, already having weight problems at an early age. We owe it to ourselves to enjoy the life we have been given by taking care of our base with proper exercise and putting into us  the best possible foods which will fight disease and protect us against the worst scenario, cancer. I take beta glucan capsules as well as eating kale, blueberries, quinoa and broccoli regularly. I am very seldom sick nor have the problems health wise that many American suffer from. With that, I believe the diet is essential to the well being of the human race. Look at many of the countries with low cancer and diabetes. One can surely attribute it to a good dietary plan that is kept up throughout life.


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