My Idea Of Who Is The Greatest Of The Great Athletes Who Ever Played.

GIFlogoColorSmall (2) Sports like politics is one of the most debated subjects in human conversation. How many times have you heard two kids argue about who was the best football player in the NFL when boys are together talking sports? Go to any sports bar and there, will be sports fans arguing, some heatedly about who is the best and why. Sports arguments are  nothing new. People have been touting their favorite players for years and, the arguing is almost ALWAYS geographical, that is, people tend to like the teams in the towns they live in. With that is there any circumstance by which we can actually reveal who the BEST sports figures are and were?                                                         The Hall’s of Fame are loaded with players  from there respective sports that are members of their hall. These players are considered not by fans but by sports writers who vote them in as the best of the best. Surely, there are those players who have not  entered the hall who should be there and, by the same token, players like Otis Taylor and John Hadl of the NFL who had great careers who are still waiting. Not to mention the prejudice of the writers who vote etc.                                                                                               So, with that, how do we determine who is the best of the best? Should we go by the slighted hand of the writers who vote these people in? Should the fans have a say, but of course their selections would be slanted. I thought about this for many days and think I found a solution to the problem of who is the best of the best in sports and who should be discussed in terms of being the best. I mentioned it on the sports show and I will mention it now on this blog. How many sports greats are there? Well if we were to put them all in a box, the box would be almost a bursting level. Hence, there are soooo many great players it is very hard to track them all. But to me, it’s the individuals of their respective sport that REVOLUTIONIZED their sport. Once you put the handful of players who actually revolutionized the sports by which they played, it is a much smaller box. Jim Thorpe of the early days of the NFL and the Olympics revolutionized the sports of football as did the GREAT Jim Brown of the Cleveland Browns whose opponents put together a game plan to stop only him rather than the Cleveland Browns team. Johnny Unitas revolutionized his sport as one of the great modern quarterbacks of the “new era” of NFL football. In the same way, Wilt Chamberlain of the Philadelphia 76ers once scores 100 points in a game against the NY Knicks in 1962 a towering feat that has not been equaled since even by the games greatest shooters like Larry Bird, Magic, LeBron and Kobe. Rocket Richard and Wayne Gretzky along with Bobby Orr revolutionized their sports with ultra human effort. By the same way, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nickolas and Tiger Woods as well as the “Babe” Babe Ruth all revolutionized their sports to become the greatest of the greats. Players who’s impact was so great that rules were changed because of their super talents of their sport like the great George Mikan the NBA’s first big man.The NBA actually changed the rules because of him.                                                                             Without going on and on, there are certainly others who deserve mention as revolutionaries of their sport on this blog, but you get the point. The nest sports argument you have, ask weather that player male or female, revolutionized the sports that they played. When yo put those sports figure into a box, you have mush room to spare.


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