What’s Up In Fitness & Health?

America has been called one of the most obese and unfit countries in the free world.  I asked the former trainer of the Philadelphia Flyers of the National Hockey League , “If there are so many Gyms in each town, how could we be so unfit?” Croce replied “There may be many gyms , but only twelve percent of people use them. kind of sad that so many Americans indulge their bulge and pay later with an assortment of health issues and problems. What gives? how do we prevent the problems that many middle aged and seniors have? Here is my workout that I have been doing for the last forty years. While 64 years old, I have been as fit as any twenty year old and can still run a 4.8 forty yard dash.                                                                                                                                                         With this in mind here is my workout. I do a series of stretches from top to bottom to warm the muscles. Then run  three miles, after  which I do a series of three 100 yard wind sprints on a football field, followed by a different set of stretches combined with yoga and five minutes of meditation. I also have beet juice before I rum which helps maintain muscle and bone powder as well. Further, breakfast is yogurt with walnuts and blueberries added with a mixture on the side of various fruits, chia seed flax seed. In addition, I take tumeric a wonderful addition to the diet. Beta Glucan from mushrooms, biotin for the hair, alaskan fish oil, coq10 probiotics. All of these have great benefit to cancer prevention as well as skin tone and hair. Beta Glucan has been touted as one of the GREAT additions to add to your supplements.                                                                          I always have a salad with everything in it, bot vegetables and fruit with flax and chia seed. I substitute kale for lettuce as kale is one of the great wonder foods along with mushrooms, blueberries and quinoa which you should add to your diets. Fresh fish is also a wonderful addition a few times a week. I drink plenty of green tea and, do not eat red meat though have chicken.                                                                                                           Part of America’s health problems exist because of the terrible diets and garbage processed foods. If you change to healthy foods, your palate will acquire a taste for the change and you will learn to love it. Stay away from a lot of red meat and  with the dietary change and a workout program, you will change your life and certainly enjoy it more.  Your supplements for continued good health, are flax oil, fish oil, tumeric probiotic acidophilus, biotin for your hair, coral calcium, chia, saw palmetto for prostate health, krill oil b12 and D. This in combination with a healthy dietary choice of kale, blueberries, green tea quinioa, consumption of a daily salad for lunch with plenty of fruits and vegetables with color will not only be healthier, but make you feel better as well. While wine is good for the heart, cardiologists tell me grape juice is just as good. There are  supplements that contain the red wine benefits for those who don’t consume alcohol.                                                                                                                                                     You can feel better and prohibit the debilitating health issues with these healthy changes. I always hear from men, “I’m too old to do that” . One is never too old to do anything. Your life since it only occurs one is certainly worth the change to make it function longer and better. It’s your choice, so as the Nike slogan goes, “Just do it”


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