Climate Report Reveals Serious Problems

Are we living in a horror movie? Well the new report out of Washington has  alarming factions about our ever changing Climate change. More powerful storms are occurring, summers are hotter and the heat permeates to as far as October now. To this point, climate change has been a slow motion problem that impacts month to month and year to year. Unfortunately, this is about to change in accordance with the Washington report. Fossil fuel burning on the industrial scale has raised global temperatures to 1.8 degrees. Does this sound like a lot? well consider as mentioned stronger storms, heat waves, floods  an ice free summer in the Arctic Ocean. Meanwhile, humans continue to pump carbon dioxide, especially China at a self destruction level. Given our dependence on coal and other fossil fuels, this in all probability will not change in the future.                       As mush as a 1 degree rise would make much of the worlds population vulnerable to catastorhphic weather as seen in the past. Small differences can have a huge consequence. If our leaders and people under them do not take all of this into consideration, we may find ourselves with serious problems in the coming years. Plastics choking our oceans, carbon dioxide, the ozone shrinkage etc, all need to be addressed for the prosperity of our future and for the healthy future of our children. It’s something we need to take a serious look at before it gets out of hand and becomes too late to remedy the situation.


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