Stop Procrastinating and Go After What You Desire!

“Only I can change my life, no one can do it for me”, Carol Burnett.                                           How many times in life were you motivated to do something only to find that the dream vanished like a cloud? Actually, we should be born at sixty and go backward as we tend to acquire confidence and positive determination when we are older. When we are young, say in our teens, a whole avenue of decisions must be made. What will I do for my life, where will I go to college, will I make friends in a new place? All of these are  put upon a teenage mind. With that, most make the wrong decision or their goals are put away from a lack of confidence. How many times have people quit things thinking they have NO chance to succeed at the dream endeavor they have in mind. Parents can help with this by nurturing their teens confidence level as well as help them with theirDad-and-baseball-player-e1480804219625r goals and dreams. Further, the problems of high school and young college students is that they are convinced they cannot attain their goals. Once we are in our thirties, we look back and wonder why we never asked that girl out, why we didn’t go out for the team or, get involved somehow with something we really wanted in life. We tend therefore, to have misgivings on the lack of effort we had when we were young. Many people faced with losing their job after a long career, tend to muster the best within themselves when they are in the crunch. Some continue their dream and write books or children’s books. Some start business and others get involved in things they only dreamed about but thought they couldn’t attain when they were younger.                                                                                 So, what is one to do. While the most successful people are those that had a goal and were nurtured by their parents.( One major league baseball players mother drove him an hour and a half five days a week to attain batting skills with a superior hitting coach) While most parents certainly don’t have the time to make that kind of a difference, the involvement of parents to their children’s goals are astronomically important. While all of us have regrets, it is vitally important that you MUST try to reach your goals. Stop procrastinating at any age. You never too old to change your life, take music lessons, join a team, get involved. The Japanese who exude confidence have very few regrets in their old age as they have attained for the most part their dreams and goals. They have been seen socializing with others, running races and in general, attaining the goals and aspirations of what they wanted in life. So, you too should look at your life at an early age, make and study WITH THE ENCOURAGEMENT of your family your area of interest and go after it. As Alex Wojchiehowitz a hall of fame NFL player once told me, “Don’t let anything stop you John, go after it with all you have” His dedication and drive made him one of football’s greatest centers at Fordham University where he played on the offensive line with legendary coach, Vince Lombardi. Work toward your goals! Dream, research, plan and then go after what you want. If not you will be an old angry person blaming everyone for your own failures when you could be the opposite and give the world something special!! Go after it!! NO PROCRASTINATION!! Thanks for reading, John.


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