Get Involved With Your Kids For The Best Results.

I was very lucky as I had a home job and was able to stay with my kids throughout their child as well as turbulent teen years. We did things like going birding, learning the alphabet, and in general, had a close relationship through their years. All are grown now and married with one left in high school. Happy to report other than some minor incidents, no drug use, or any other unwarranted disasters in life. All of them are responsible people and fathers and mothers. My high school son is among the top tier in his class, so, what’s the scoop? What’s the story? how does one insure your child’s proper place in a mixed up whacked out world filled with dangers and uncertainty along the way?                                                                                                                                                         I have found that building a sincere, honest and close relationship is paramount. It’s easy to do with young kids but what about the teen years when social mores and issues they will want to experiment with? As they grew up, I never gave them the chance to mix with anything other than positive influences and sit down talks about what lies ahead. While the girls were away at college, they made great grades and mature choices as well as my son. Further, they were focused and spirited as well. It is a fact that while you cannot control your kids every minute, you can get involved with family things and also, institute an understanding that they can always come to you with any problem no matter what. Still to this day, the girls will ask our advice after years of realizing that was etched in their brain at a very early age. Being a parent is a difficult task to say the least, but knowing how to be a part of their lives and being involved will certainly pay dividends when they get older. Husbands showing love to the mother is of major importance. Kids who are living in a nurtured environment make better choices in life Research has shown that as parents continue the journey of involvement through their child’s life, the percentage is greater that they will be a success and a tribute to  their parents rather than failures and misplaced, always looking and searching for their place in life . Thanks for reading, John.                                                                                                                                    “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to show love for their mother” Theodore Hesburgh.


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