Will We Survive Our Environment?

alaska SanFrancisco 061VARIOUS 007“The future will either be green or not at all” Bob Brown.                                                              The Book of Revelation the only bible chapter that tells of what will happen, suggests that there will be a Great White Throne Judgement, each person will be  subject to the face of God and then, all  things not related to God will burn up before the person and then, only then, will the Godly things matter. This has been a factor in the lives of many Christians for thousands of years. While there is no true way of knowing whether these prophecies will or will not happen, I believe that if things keep going the way they are, we will see the human end very soon with the advent of all of the careless destruction of our planet. The desecration of life giving and vital rain forests, air pollution from industrial counties like China, the melting of the polar icecaps, a landfill of plastic in our oceans, the slaughter of whales and, a general overall carelessness of the things around us.                   I for one cringe when I see someone carelessly throwing a cigarette out the window, or  a paper from some thoughtless person. Further, I once saw someone throw out their eaten bag of lunch onto the highway as well as a person who once threw a six pack or beer over the passenger side of the car, smashing on the street below. While the morons of the world will always continue to exist, it might be time to recognize the importance of the environment as well as our unique place in it. How cool that the trees give off oxygen for us to breath as well as the oceans coral that provide over sixty percent of our life giving breath and with that, the trees live because of our carbon dioxide. It appears whether  spiritual or not that whatever  or whomever put this marvelous plan together for all of us to survive together because of each other is truly remarkable. As a race of people, we may find ourselves in environmental peril before we are judged by any deity. Man’s continued ignorance of the things around him and, the with the temperatures rising, the ice caps melting, the seas rising and the worlds people living longer than ever before. We may find ourselves in peril if we do not ‘rethink” our journey on this planet.It may be for real that our time will be VERY limited if we do not step back and take a close look at where we are with our environment.                                   The earth  now has some of the greatest minds in the history of the human race. Cures of disease, genetic breakthroughs, advanced machines that can detect the smallest start of any disease in the body, great engineering minds that can create the cat scan and the cyber knife, should and must come together for the future of the human race and for the endangered environment at hand.                                                                                                     For those of us alive now, we should take a great and powerful look at what we have if we hope to give what we have to our grandchildren. Thanks for reading! John.


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