Some Advice On Traveling Abroad With Kids

We have all had nightmares and reality of the dreaded traveling with kids problem. Here’s some pointers and advice to help  ease some of the problems. Questions like how will I carry the luggage. What about nap times and early bedtimes?One cannot cancel a trip, especially those who love to travel because of children.There is currently a debate on what is the proper age to  to travel with children. Some experts say the age of five is a good starting point, especially if you want them to have a memory of the experience. Traveling with children is a very important part of their education and, it surely strengthens the family bond. Travel can also stimulate kids curiosity as well. While a person I know has taken his sixteen month old to eight countries, here is some advice. Pack light as in one of two sets of clothing per person. Leave all toys at home. Plan activities that you and the kids can enjoy. people will make the mistake of doing only kid friendly stuff and feel disappointed when they get home. Of course there will be the nightmare of the kids acting up on the trip, especially the flight which is every parents cause of concern. And  of course rude people which you can not do anything about. There are steps however that significantly ease the stress of travel.One of the biggest problems is having to hold a baby for the entire flight. Most airlines have baby infant beds at no additional fee. Parents worry that the child will become bored on the trip. Some rely on electronic devices for entertainment One way is to buy a set of noise canceling headphones and hope the airline entertainment system works. While there is no way to completely eliminate travel stress with children, with toddlers, anything that can happen will happen like spills, screams, dirty diapers etc. By the way, take the diaper with you in a plastic bag. try though stressed to be polite to flight attendants,(remember, they put up with moronic people every day) hotel staff and others. Hopefully, you will find kind ones who either like or tolerate children. If your feeding for instance cheerios to the child and they get all over, try an apology to the person next to you as well as the flight attendants . Remember, sugar goes a long way farther than vinegar.  No need however to apologize for bringing your kids on a trip. They are as deserving to be on the plane as anyone else. With that, some parents have taken goodie bags filled with snacks, treats and maybe a few crayons and a small coloring book or small pack of Lego’s that can be bought at the checkout at Target as kids love to color, draw and put things together. Also, it is recommended that maybe a note in the bag for your child to give to the passenger next to you of kindness for tolerating the child goes a long way. It’s a nice gesture but not necessary.         Parents have enough to do with kids on a trip. Remember that kindness and a smile go a very long way on making the effort reasonably positive though with the way the world is today, not one hundred percent positive. Go out and have a good time and know that through all the hardships you may face with your kids on a trip, you are enriching their lives, full filling their desires and, making them better people later in life for the experience you give them.. All the best and GOOD LUCK!! John.


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