A Time When Things Were Gentlier In America

“Peace is the beauty of Life” , Menachem Begin.                                                                               My friend’s father once said, “The  best time to be alive was 1955. Everybody looked out and cared for everyone else” There was a time in America when people cared for people. A time when neighbors knew neighbors, friendships were genuine and, a respect for rules, regulations, and what was right was the scenario. Men for the most part respected women, schools respected teachers and made sure their homework was done for fear of reprisal. It was a gentlier time, a time of innocence a time of reflection. Then, in 1963 everything changed with the JFK assassination, then Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, George Wallace assassination attempt and the President Reagan not to mention others. We went from a time of innocence to a time of upheaval. Hippies, pornography, the sexual revolution, drugs, you name it wore on the fabric of our society. We went from innocence into the fire of rebellion. People lost respect for each other, foreigners while welcome  to this country many of which have changed the scope of our America. Christians ostricized, God depleted and a whole new wave of thinking have come to the forefront. Road rage, mass shooters, crazed individuals plotting against our country like in 9-11 and subsequent happening have turned the whole scope of America’s Theatre.  Moreover, students think nothing of belittling a teacher in front of the class and could care less about homework. Students once had a fear factor as teachers were then allowed to instill obedience and if you came home and your father found out you were disruptive or disrespectful, he gave it to you as well. No more, today’s parents criticize teachers and lack respect as much as the students do. Wonder why the teaching profession has gone to the birds?                                                                                                        In the North East for example, it is NOT uncommon for neighbors not to know each other’s names. Further, road rage, and a vast disrespect  coupled by an opioid crisis in America has fueled the problems. Are we a colder nation? Are we heading for disaster as a people as we continue to pollute the earth with an increase in global warming? Is the Iranian and Middle East with their radical thinking a threat to the world much like Hitler” Nazi regime?  in the same way, women are not safe. There are a large number of sexual intimidations toward women. Almost every women I have talked to has been violated in some way. While I was working out in a park, a women passed my with her carriage baby in tow and kept a sharp lookout as to my actions, probably fearing what I may do. Women today must look over their shoulder’s and, be aware of who is around at all times.                                                                                                                                                    While there are still many good and helpful people around today, the societal wall has been crumbling. Drugs, carelessness, shootings, disrespect and a whole host of other scenarios exist to where one young person told me, “We decided not to bring kids into this world”. I think America has thought they have seen it all, then on that tragic December day at the Sandy Hook School, innocent children as well as teachers were murdered by a maniacal , troubled young man. With that dark day, as dark as any in my memory, we started the fall from grace. If children can be murdered in such a way, the innocent faces and joy of those kids lost at a time in December when we all should have been rejoicing,   Then the walls of our society are surely crumbling and in dire need of repair. John.


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