The Hypocrites Of Life

With the whole Brett Kavanaugh scenario, isn’t it just like politicians many who are dishonest, deplorable people to congregate and shovel coal into the fire of another who is in trouble? There could be ten people who die at an intersection before a politician will vote to install a street light, but boy, when there’s dirt on another fellow person, they will flock and light it up! Moreover, in NJ, politicians got together to make sports teams non liable for injuries received to fans in attendance.  Of course we can see the positive substance of such a move by our stout hearted loyalists, making teams non responsive for beaning people at a game, yet, they can do that, but, not in any way shape or form or anything else, lower the ungodly property tax on a state that is tax choked!They can get together immediately for things that interest them and make money for their greedy ways, like making pot legal. You can see their eyes light up with all the revenue they visualize from this legalization. Interestingly, Christ’s words were, “Before you see the splinter in someone’s eye, remove the log from your own” Good advice for an unhinged group who are suppose to be for the people I believe? John.


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