Students Who Prepare For Music School!

Many students ponder whether to advance toward a music career. Parents tell their budding musicians that music is a poor choice as there are few guarantees of financial success. “You will never make a living” say many parents and those school  advisors. What is the truth to this? To the point, a music career is a very rewarding profession. there is Music Therapy who entertain hospital patients etc. I personally know two music degree students who have made over six figures with this career. Further, private music teachers  I have advised make at least 70,000$ per year. Not to mention, school music teachers as well. Those who decide to obtain a Masters Degree can expect to do very well in the College teaching profession as teachers and developing performance enhancements, like the advent of the classical guitar program that is hugely popular at college’s and universities across the country.. With this in mind, I will discuss the avenues of how to obtain a music scholarship as well as applying the PROPER way of auditioning for and obtaining successful entrance into a bona fide music school.  “Never allow your dreams to become exactly that, DREAMS” John.


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